Meet the Guy's and Girls of RAF Marks Castle

Sgt Ursula "Norah" Leggatt second from left standing.

Taken at RAF Uxbridge while undergoing training in Educational and Vacational training in preparation for instructing people waiting for Demob after the war.


Norah second from left, again at RAF Uxbridge.


Feb 1945 at RAF West Beckham "D" Watch.

Norah is seen extreme left.


Two further portraites of Norah above.


Sennen Cove Beach Summer 1943

On the beach, L to R, Pip Ward, Babs Neville, Muriel Mussenden, unknown, unknown, Sennen 1943

Photograph courtesy of Muriel Bunkhall.

Sennen Cove Cliff 1943

This photograph has been passed on to me by Peter Leeson of Sennen Heights, sent to him in 2005 by George "Taffy" Jackson.

Rear right as viewed Taffy Jackson, far right Pippa Ward.

Muriel also wrote, “Pip Ward (far right on a photo you sent to me, together with George Jackson, another airman and 4 WAAF) was my room-mate, we shared with Babs Neville. Seen together on the beach, sadly both died a few years ago”.






‘Pixie’ a Canadian RADAR Mechanic, 1943 Sennen

Photograph courtesy of Muriel Bunkhall

John Harding 1941

As soon as I have spoken to him and obtained his ok I shall be able to post a photo of John Harding. He is the earliest person so far found who served at Marks Castle in 1941. I shall be talking to him soon.


I have had a great chat with John Harding today (14/8/2013). As I have said John was at Marks Castle 1941/2 and billeted at the Whitesands Bay Hotel (The Old Success) as is now. He has put forward a lot of great new information and put other issues into perspective. I have his consent to put his picture on here. The early chapter of Mark's Castle is now understood a lot better. The photo is of John and sister Mable

Porthgwarra Beach 1943/44

Cpl Joan Ostler on the right, wrote a number of letters to to her friend Norah. I understand that the WAAF's used to go for walks as there was little else to do around Sennen Cove. Porthgwarra beach is between Land's End and the Minnack Theatre.





Joan Clark(e), Sennen 1943

Photograph Courtesy of Muriel Bunkhall

Robert Stalker (centre rear) seen here on board FDT217, served at RAF Mark's Castle until posted to FDT217 in 1944.

Civilian staff thought to have worked at Sennen

Mike Ford wrote...It was my mother Sylvia Roslyn Stephens (DOB 1925), on the right and I think her sister Patricia (DOB 1930) who worked at RAF Sennen, probably in Catering. Certainly Sylvia's photo was familiar to Cyril when I showed it to him but was unable to say more.



Barbara ‘Babs’ Neville, 1943 Sennen

Photograph Courtesy Muriel Bunkhall

Heading home, waiting for a bus to the railway station, L to R, Babs Neville, Muriel Mussenden, Pip Ward, Sennen 1943

I am not one hundred percent certain but going by the roof outline, they are waiting by the "Old" Lifeboat Staion Sennen Cove. Photograph Courtesy of Muriel Bunkhall.

Muriel Bunkhall nee' Mussenden.

Photograph courtesy of Muriel Bunkhall.





Muriel "Mu" Cook-Martin


28th February 2013, my 65th Birthday. What better present could I receive than a telephone call from Muriel “Mu” Cook-Martin nee Steele. Mu was a RADAR mechanic having joined the WAAF on 28th January 1944 and served at Mark’s Castle. Later Mu was to be moved to RAF Poling. Interesting memories coming out, adding more to the overall story. I was intrigued to learn that Wolf Rock Lighthouse was used to tune the transmitters. I suppose that it was a perfect target being an unobstructed target 9.5 miles SW of Land’s End. Muriel has photographs taken of the transmitters inside the Operations Block which she will find and send me copies. This will be fantastic as no other photo’s are known of at this time.


Two ex WAAF’s both named Muriel extending the story for us. Thank you both.


Courtesy A previously unidentified photo spotted by one of our visitors.

Believed to show Sgt Street or Streeter (standing) section head at RAF Mark's Castle Ops room in 1943/44

Muriel Steele and friend Jessie at RAF Yatesbury 1946

Courtesy of Muriel Cook-Martin

Muriel Steele saw service at RAF Mark's Castle as a RADAR Mechanic

Courtesy of Muriel Cook-Martin

Jessie Beckett, Muriel Steele's friend who also served at RAF mark's Castle as a RADAR Mechanic.

Courtesy of Muriel Cook-Martin

LAC Bill Allen 1943. In the background the old Gaiety Cinema sign, now the bridge to the Newlyn Meadery. Bill was not at Mark's Castle but was Crew on Air sea rescue launches out of Newlyn. He is seen sporting war wounds having been treated at West Cornwall Hospital.

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