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25th April 2013


Can anyone viewing this site, throw any light, no matter how small on a Prosely Lloyd Bullock. He was a Jamaican who came over during WW2. We believe he was billeted at Trelowarren Nr Helston Cornwall UK and served in the RAF or RCAF. Some 6000 Jamaicans joined the RAF and RCAF. Some were aircrew and some coming via RCAF may have been Radio/radar. Also believed to have joined the congregation of Mawgan Methodist Chapel.


If you can help at all please make contact.

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I visited the Mark's Castle site today (Sat 26th Jan 2013) to take more photographs and check various things. I was suprised to find these Carnation Pinks just by the Operations Block. Another bunch rested by the entrance end to the Ops Block. I can only imagine these were left in memory of someone. Should the person who left them, see this site, I would be grateful to know the significance. Please email





28th January 2013 I have just been talking on the phone with ex WAAF Muriel Bunkhall nee Mussenden. She had received copies of some photographs I had sent her. In the photograph below she has identified a friend Philippa "Pippa" Ward on the extreme right as viewed. George "Taffy" Jackson actually sent the photograph to us. He is shown on the rear right.



16th.02.2013 Nice to see that some people are now amending their sites and videos using my research. Spare time in old age does give you the chance to look at history and get it right. We do make errors but stick with it and the right answer come up eventually. Please remember Copyright, most fair, requests will be viewed favourably, just email me.



19 February 2013

I have just received footage of FDT 217 fitting out as a radar ship and then on to sea trials, Operation Tiger at Slapton Sands and D-Day. It is facinating footage. I hope to be able to show it soon.



Muriel "Mu" Cook-Martin


28th February 2013, my 65th Birthday. What better present could I receive than a telephone call from Muriel “Mu” Cook-Martin nee Steele. Mu was a RADAR mechanic having joined the WAAF on 28th January 1944 and served at Mark’s Castle. Interesting memories coming out, adding more to the overall story. I was intrigued to learn that Wolf Rock Lighthouse was used to tune the transmitters. I suppose that it was a perfect target being an unobstructed target 9.5 miles SW of Land’s End. Muriel has photographs taken of the transmitters inside the Operations Block which she will find and send me copies. This will be fantastic as no other photo’s are known of at this time.


Two ex WAAF’s both named Muriel extending the story for us. Thank you both.


27th February 2013. I have just received a personal diary written by Mr Harold Worthington a member of the crew of FDT217. It covers from Good Friday 7th April 1944 upto Tuesday 6th June 1944 D-Day. As soon as I am able to transcribe it, I will add it to the Ted Parfitt page. Another piece of Living History from a surviving Veteran.